The Boise page.



What can I say. Well I lived here from 95 to 02 working at Micron and living up in the mountains. I will miss my cabin and all of the people I knew. The job wasn't bad and had its interesting moments, but it finally came time to do something else with my life. I hope all of you back in Boise stay in touch. I was going to organize this page with a lot more, but I have run out of time and need to keep packing since I leave in a few hours.

Since there were a bunch of pictures on my camera when I got to austin I dumped them here.

Back in May I went climbing with Ted to do my first Aid climb on a big wall in Zion. We managed to run out of water the second day on the rock with temperatures up to a 100. While we did make it down finally it was not something either of us enjoyed much. The pictures are all from the first day and early morning the second. After that I was too dehydrated to worry about anything but finishing the climb.
Pictures from Zion

Also went to down to Mexico with Mike. It was a fun trip. Went out diving one day and a bunch of dolpins surrounded the boat.
Pictures from Mexico

Pictures of Ian and I out with Jay and his hawk Latigo -

And lastly some of my new room. This addition was built with the help of a lot of people who have worked on it over the years. I have a lot of other pictures that need to be added, but no more time to work on this site.

Take care everyone and I will see you later.
P.S. I think the austin crew is arranging a dead pool, so
if you want in on the betting contact my brother. :)