The Plan

If plans don't change will be flying in on May 20th two days before my 35th birthday. No plans made yet and no onward tickets. Will probably head down to the islands to scuba dive and rock climb for the summer. Yeah!

Thailand update (part 1):

Well, no trouble on flight from Kathmandu to Bangkok. I noticed that the U.S. State department advised americans to leave India on the same day over worries about India and Pakastan going to war. Bangkok is very hot, I took a bus to Khaosan road where there are lots of cheap hostels and places to eat. After bumping into Frank (the bushman) on the street I tried taking a taxi downtown to talk to STA travel about plane tickets, unfortunately the driver didn't know where he was going and eventually just dropped me off. I finally found the place, but after they had closed. I talked to several other places, but no-one can confirm airline prices until Monday so it looks like I am stuck here for the weekend. Saw spiderman at the cafe where I had dinner. While walking down Khaosan road, a crowded place with lots of food hawkers and stalls selling everything, I saw an elephant being ridden down the street, weaving around pedistrians just like the cars and tuk-tuks. On Sat. went back to STA travel (waiting for them to get back with a quote on monday) and then walked to the river and jumped on a boat going by for a ride upstream back near to home. Time for lunch. I need to escape to a beach somewhere.

-1 June 2002

I don't remember where I left the last update, probably on Khaosan road waiting to hear from travel agents and watching movies at night. Spiderman was very good. Anyway, I got tired of Bangkok and headed east along the coast to Ko Chang island. Spent a couple of nights at the Bamboo Huts on White sand beach with 4 Kiwi's - Lisa, Trudy, Laura, and Michelle. Then headed down to Lonely Beach to the Siam Beach Resort and got a bungalow down there. The beach really isn't lonely any more. Sometime in the last year since the guidebooks were written they put in a road so you can take a taxi there instead of a 45 minute walk over the hill. With the road came electricity and lots more bungalows. Oh well, in the old days it might have been closed for low season. Everything on the island costs 200 Baht, a room for the night with a fan, a scooter, a towel, sunglasses, or a hamock. Rented the scooter one day to go get the sunglasses (I finally broke beyond fixing my backup pair), the hamock and the towel. Spent the next several days swinging in the hamock on my porch enjoying the breeze and listening to the surf crash on the beach. Read a couple of books I've been carring around. On friday I finally headed back to the mainland to Trat. Picked up some more Baht and a southeast asia guidebook, did some email and tomorrow morning at 5am I will be looking for a minibus to take me to Hat Lei down the coast where I will try to get over into Cambodia.

Signing off - June 7th, 2002