What's happening in Austin.



As with the Boise page I originally had high hopes for this one, but ran out of time and need to quit for the night. The little tyke with me on the picture next to this link is my nephew Sam. For a lot more pictures of him go to his own web page (you can find it from the main Skrovan page). If you go to extra pictures I can't remember what all is there. Something I should have fixed I'm sure. Anyway, spent the last month getting ready for the trip. Spending way too much money at REI. Had a chance to see some good movies - I definitely recommend both Lord of the Rings and Brotherhood of the Wolf. Also had way too much good food. I have a bunch of extra rations to walk off now. Got a chance to work on Rudy's airplane (a Van's RV), I was going to post some pictures, but Oh Well! Maybe when I get back it will be ready to fly.
I want to thank my brother Joe for helping me get this website going and hopefully for updating it with pictures and trip reports I send back.

Everyone have fun, and if you decide to take a trip send me an email letting me know where you are headed.

See Ya in a Year!