Singapore update.

Flying back into Singapore I met the largest lines I've ever seen here as customs screened everyone for potential SARS. As we left the plane they had a thermal camera on the gangway to look for fever which luckily I didn't have. I managed to supress any fits of coughing as I got through customs with a side trip to a table to let immigration know how to find me in case any of my seatmates got sick later. A hassle all in all. Met Mike just before he gave up on my being on this flight and headed back to his place.
Like previous visits it was great just to hang out in a air conditioned room and watch TV while I tried to get over my cough and sore throat. Went out to dinner a couple of times and went bowling (horrible scores). Mike and Jen are finally leaving Singapore to go back to the States so movers where coming to back everything up. Saw my friend Serene from tasmania again as well and went to the Singapore zoo, Mt. Faber, and Sentosa island with her. All in all, not much to say. Bought some new junk, sent a bunch of junk home with the Willetts, had a chance to catch up with Pat from the Borneo trip and hang with Mike and Jen for a while. Found out that I needed 6 months on my passport to get into a lot of countries so I would run out in August not Febuary, so I went to the US Embassy to get a one year passport to hold me until I can get a perminant new one. New number and everything so I have to start memorizing the passport all over again while I try and fill all those blank pages :(
The heat was a big change from Australia and New Zealand, but I had better get used to it. Left on Monday after a week here, with Serene and her friend Stella who was driving up to Genting Highlands in Malaysia and could drop me off the next day in Kuala Lumpur.

So long Singapore...6/23/03