Well spent three different visits here with Mike and Jen who have a great apartment. Glad I know someone here as Singapore would be an expensive place to visit otherwise. They do have great food, both the cheap hawker stalls as well as any type of western food you might want. Canít say I did much in the way of tourist activities, mostly hung out and watched movies from their collection of DVDís and VCDís. Went to a party the Tech integration guys were throwing down by the beach one night. Heard Kristnan playing with his Indian band down on the Empanada another night. Went bowling a couple of times. Canít recall anything interesting for the guys back home at the moment. Currently listening to CNN which is dominated these days by news of the upcoming war and the killer Hong-Kong flu which is popping up all over the globe. Tried to arrange a climbing trip up to Crabi Thailand, but the return flights conflicted with my leaving for New Zealand so had to drop the idea in the end. Went to Moly Malones Irish bar on Boat Quey last night to visit with Pat and celebrate St. Patricks Day. Getting my laundry done and then have to pack and leave in a couple of hours. 3/18/03