Brunei was a very clean city, but not particularly geared toward backpackers. I flew in at 6:10, which meant I just missed the last bus, leaving only taxiís to get into town. There is only one cheap place to stay Ė The Youth hostel which has dorm rooms for 10$ Brunei (same as Sing). If you donít get a room there you are looking at over 100$ for a room. Luckily after a short wait for the warden to show up I did get a room. Went that evening with Mic from Darwin to the equivalent of hawker stalls. Really good cheap food, Malay, Chinese, and Indian. My plan was to head out to the amusement park on the coast, but other travelers at the hostel told me all but 4 rides were closed and the guy that gives rides out and back had gone the day before and wasnít going tonight so the only alternative would be expensive taxiís. Spent the evening walking around town looking at the palace and Mosques. Next morning went for breakfast with Anthony from the UK, and we hired a water taxi to take us for an hour along the river and through the floating town. A fun way to spend time in Brunei, which doesnít really offer much to do, cheaply anyway, but not as interesting as the long tails in Bangkok. Spent lunch sitting at a cafť on the river talking about designing powerboats, which is what Anthony is studying. Took a bus back to the airport and flew on to Singapore. 3/9/03