St. Elizabeth’s Easter Day Lunch 2006

Brisket and baked ham will be provided by the church.

Please review what has been signed up for already, and decide what crucial item you feel is missing. Let me know and I will add the item to the list and claim it with your name.

Appetizer/Green Salad/Fruit Salad

1. Caesar Salad – Lisa Giberson

2. Fruit Salad w/Poppyseed Dressing – Barbara Denton

3. Green Salad – Rae Ryan

4. Devilled Eggs

5. Fruit Salad

Side Dish/Other Salad

1. Pasta Side Dish – Rebekah Welvaert

2. Potato Salad – the Pruitts

3. Vegetable Side Dish – Kim Fry

4. Tostitos and Fritos – the Skrovans

5. Macaroni and Cheese – Shannon Rojas

6. Baked Beans


1. Strawberry/Banana Parfait – Rebekah Welvaert

2. Banana Pudding w/Vanilla Wafers – June Martinez

3. a Dessert Worthy of an Easter Celebration – Kim Fry

4. Kahlua Cake – Stephanie Chandler

5. White Easter Cake

6. Chocolate Silk Pie and Boston Cream Pie

7. Yellow Bundt Cake

8. Easter Cookies


1. Bread – Lisa Giberson

2. Pickles, BBQ Sauce, and Bread – the Pruitts

Canned Soda/Juices/Bottled Water

1. Bottled Water (24) – the Pruitts

2. Juicy Drinks for the Kids – the Skrovans

3. Iced Tea & Lemonade

4. Coke

Email me at to add your name and item to the list.